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Hard Drive Degaussers and Hard Drive Destruction Equipment

Hard Drive Degaussers are used to de-magnetize a hard drive and therefore erase the data on it. Degaussing is an NSA approved method of data erasure for hard drives. It is recommended that after using a degausser, a drive destroyer device is used to complete the secure data destruction.

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The most cost effective way to dispose of hard drives/data storage devices and ensure a high level of data security is to shred them. Please review the section below for procedures and responsibilities regarding hard disk/data storage device disposal. If you remove hard disks from units you must complete the Hard Drive Shredding form before .

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About Better Shredders Better Shredders is a leading supplier of information destruction equipment and machinery including hard drive shredders, degaussers, solid state memory destroyers and paper shredders for office and industrial applications. More importantly, we provide customized strategic solutions that protect your business from security breaches and privacy leaks that…

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The Destroyit ® Degausser / HDP eliminates the danger by magnetically degaussing a hard drive (unquestionably the most effective way of erasing data) and then physically destroying the drive by piercing it with a hardened steel die. For optical media destruction, the 0201 OMD offers a secure, convenient and cost effective solution to disposing .

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 · Our onsite shredding service is the most secure and cost effective way to dispose of all types of end-of-life hard drives and media tapes. The hard drive shredding services is great for business’ with large data centers, or a stockpile of old hard drives and media tapes because it is a fast and efficient process.

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High Capacity Shredders. An in-house shredding program based around Destroyit® High Capacity shredders is the most secure and cost effective way of disposing large quantities of sensitive documents. When you hand over documents to an outside service, you relinquish control of …

E waste Shredder | Hard Disk Shredder | DVD shredder

PROSINO E waste Shredder is ideal to shred circuit board, hard disk, TV/Computer cases, cable and electric elements etc. Efficiency and high output. Go!

Single shaft shredder, double shaft shredder, granulator

We pay attention to the environment protection and recycling by the innovative technology. Our English Name “ UNITED TECH ” means producing the most effective, reliable and cost-effective solutions for the recycling of waste materials and creating a better environment through new …

IRS Publication 1075 Media Sanitation Requirements

IRS Publication 1075 Media Sanitation Requirements Explained . the simplest and most cost-effective method of control may be destruction in accordance with the techniques outline below. . and facsimile ribbons, drums, and platens. Hard copy media is often the most difficult to control, and is vulnerable to ‘dumpster dive’ attacks, and .

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But, if you intend to recycle them or send them to e-waste facilities, you must use hard drive shredding methods to sanitize the data storage media securely. Hard Drives Form a Part of Most Office Equipment. Not using effective hard drive shredding methods can put …

Hard Drive Shredding | Data Destruction Corporation

But, if you intend to recycle them or send them to e-waste facilities, you must use hard drive shredding methods to sanitize the data storage media securely. Hard Drives Form a Part of Most Office Equipment. Not using effective hard drive shredding methods can put your business at …

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We are a reliable manufacturer and seller of a sophisticated range of Shredders. These products are in excellent working conditions are of optimum quality. Our quality-assured range is offered at cost-effective prices and is widely demanded by our clients spread all across the nation. We offer:

Shred-Tech® – Primary Shredders

The most versatile shredder on the market is now available in North America, exclusively from Shred-Tech. The Haas Tyron 2000 Xl is available in capacities ranging from 25 tons per hour to 100 tons per hour depending on the application and material.

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Computer disposal collections, on-site hard drive shredding. . Call us now for a free or low cost quote. On-site data destruction and hard drive recycling. . Join Britain's best known and most cost effective computer recycler and data destruction company. Just tell us where and when and we will do the rest.

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The most cost-effective Mac data recovery software for a family members to undelete files and unformat drive. . File Shredder. . hard disk/partition or other drives. Read more >> $ 9.9. Buy Now >> One License for 1 PC/Server

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 · Do digital shredders work? . That is fine for most since eventually the hard disk where that data is located should be over-written. . There are many free and low-cost programs that will .

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Physical destruction of your media is not only the most secure means of ensuring complete destruction of your data, but also the most environmentally friendly and cost effective. Most hard drives and other computer storage media are completely recyclable and physical destruction is a fraction of the cost of any other means of data destruction.

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The cost to destroy hard drives is minimal when compared to the potential risks faced when you don’t. Shred-it, the world leader in document destruction, can permanently destroy confidential information at a low cost that will fit your budget. Not only that, hard drive destruction is the most effective way to permanently destroy all information.

Industrial Shredders

We manufacture a full line of shredding equipment that includes hard drive shredders, solid state drive shredders, industrial paper shredders, medical plant waste shredders, dual shaft shredders, and auxiliary recycling equipment. Ameri-Shred can design, manufacture, install and service your industrial shredding equipment nationwide.

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 · A Jackhammer hard drive shredder, capable of destroying up to 2,500 hard drives per hour. Hard disk drives and other electronic devices end up as co-mingled “e-scrap,” most of which can be recycled. Powerful shredders reduce metal to random strips. Disintegration.

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Onsite shredding is the most effective method for sanitizing SSD and solid state cards. Because of the very small size of solid state circuitry, NIST requires a maximum shred size of 1/2″. Back Thru The Future is one of a very limited number of onsite hard drive shredding services that can …

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 · Erasing old devices and computers can be expensive, even if you’re only trying to delete a small number of files. However, most of what can be accomplished by erasure software can actually be done with a little bit of research and elbow grease. If you’re looking for the most cost-effective way to erase sensitive data from your hard drive, doing it yourself is the way to go.

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Demagnetizing magnetic storage media like tape or a hard disk drive to render it permanently . it is often most expedient and cost effective to purge all University data from the media before reuse or disposal rather than try to selectively sanitize the . cross-cut shredder if disclosure of the information contained therein might adversely .

Destroy Hard Drives with Crunch 250 Crusher - Verity Systems

With its enhanced features, the Crunch 250 is the most effective media and hard drive destroyer on the market. Unlike other degaussers that erase data through powerful magnetic fields, the Crunch 250 hard drive crusher destroys the drives and memory chips. For companies that require the utmost security, the Crunch 250 provides a perfect .